Chinese New Year 2018 in Manchester

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The Chinese New year for the year 2018 is falling on 16th February this year. With the Chinese New year just around the corner, Manchester, a city in the UK, is bustling with excitement and preparations for the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

This year’s animal for the New Year is the dog. Every year’s animal changes and such changes signify something or the other. These animals are decided according to the twelve zodiac signs of the Chinese culture. Another interesting fact is that this year’s element is “Earth” and the earth dog year comes only once in sixty years.

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Manchester and Chinese New Year Celebrations

The Dragon Parade

The celebrations will incorporate an amazing dragon parade, accompanied by the traditional lion dancing, acts of martial arts displays, delicious food stalls, a funfair with over 20 rides on Charlotte street, and a massive fireworks display at six in the evening.

dragon parade

According to the agenda, the parade will begin at twelve in the afternoon. At twelve the Martial arts and dance displays in Albert Square will begin. It will be accommodated with the help of drum and music, as per the traditional style.

Next, by twelve thirty the dragon will appear in the Albert Square. The dancing will commence along with the dragon. With the addition to this, there will be traditional music and dance.

The parade will continue with its procession and will march towards Chinatown at one in the afternoon. It will stay there, dance and music will fill the Chinatown Hall. Then it will move forward to Chinatown NCP car park, at half-past one.

The company of dancers and musicians will continue their acts. And at the Chinatown NCP car park, there will be firecrackers and addresses will be made to the community leaders, guests of honours, and VIPs.

The time between two and five is fixed for the unicorn and the lion to make their visits to the various businesses in the Chinatown. During this time, both the lion and the unicorn will be wishing good luck to these businesses and will bless them.

Some business chooses to light up some firecrackers, all in the happiness of being blessed by the heavenly beasts. It is considered as good luck.

At the same time, the two different stages in Chinatown and Albert Square will have a display of various acts. These acts are all inspired by the traditional Chinese culture and may be in the form of music, dance, and acrobatics.

At six in the evening, the grand finale will commence with the grand display of fireworks, which will conclude the day’s celebrations.

Throughout the celebrations, there will be food stalls and rides for both children and adults. The festivities of the Chinese New Year would be incomplete without the deliciousness of Chinese food stalls filling the evening air. With many traditional delicacies and fun activities to keep the kids as well as adults engrossed, the Chinese New Year has much to offer.

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What to Wear for this Celebration?

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Always Get New Clothes

New Clothes for this celebration is a must as it has a deep significance. The purpose of getting new clothes for a celebration of New Year is to signify that you are letting go of the older times and embracing the new year. It is also believed that New Year’s new clothes are auspicious and they ward off the evil spirits.

Here is what you could wear for this celebration in case you want to go traditional:

  • Hanfu: It could be a simple or an intricately designed Hanfu bought specifically for this celebration. It includes a shirt and a skirt; the shirt has larges sleeves and lapels, which are long and wide.
  • Cheongsam: This traditional dress can be described as a long shirt dress for women. It is usually worn bt men these days.
  • Qipao: Traditionally this dress was straight and had long cuts, with elegant designs on the fabric. However, there are various new kinds of designs available for this type of traditional dress.
  • Tang Suit: This traditional way of dressing makes use of the Chinese Classic Jacket and the Women’s Tang Zhuang for men and women respectively. These are arguably the most popular Chinese traditional clothing, and they are characterized by the upturned collars and straight lapels.

There is no restriction on what to wear or how to wear it. The Chinese New Year is a great day to be out with family. Enjoy this year’s new year in Manchester with the parade and delicious food!

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