30 Fun and Romantic things to do in Manchester for Couples

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Everybody has their own idea of romance.

Some like to watch the sunset wrapped in the arms of their significant other while others like having a candlelight dinner with wine and exquisite wine.

Yet there are those who have different tastes and love to play sports together, learn cooking together, go to the art galleries, watch theatres, and stroll near the canals.

Manchester, being a city brimming with culture, cuisine, and charisma, is one of the ideal places in the UK for a couple. There is no dearth of places or experiences that a couple can together participate in to spend some productive quality time together.

Whatever your definition of romance and spending quality time with your loved one is, here is a list of romantic and fun things to do in Manchester that you’re sure to enjoy.

Even for couples who love visiting haunted places, this lit caters to their demands as well.

Here are 30 Fun and Romantic things you can do with your significant other in Manchester.

  • The Heated South Terrace

One never gets tired of the view of the town from the sixth-floor terrace of the King Street Townhouse. Share a drink on the heated terrace under the canopy with your loved one.

  • Visit Dimitri’s Greek Taverna and Bar

Dimitri’s Taverna and Bar is has a relaxed and romantic ambience with heartwarming interiors, soft lights and delicious spread of food and beverages.

  • Skiing and Snow at the Chille Factore

At the indoor skiing and snowboarding slope and Chille Factore, you can take skiing rounds if you are adept, or take lessons from each other before enjoying hot chocolate by the fireplace.

  • Go Bowling
go bowling
Image Source – Dog Bowl Website

Manchester has some good places to show off your bowling skills – Dog Bowl, Namco Funcscape – there are more. Challenge each other at the games – not every romantic thing needs to be like a quiet dinner date.

  • Go Bouldering

As long as we are on the topic of sports activities, you can go bouldering as well, if you and your partner are active people. Rock over Climbing or Depot Climbing Centre – these have good options to sweat it out together on artificial walls.

  • A visit to the Ordsall Hall

This 600-year-old Elizabethan era manor is known to be haunted – grab a chance at experiencing the thrill together.

  • Have fun at Breakout Manchester

Lock yourself involuntarily in one of the rooms at Breakout Manchester and then brainwork your way out together.

  • Wine Tasting at Salut

Wine and romance always go hand in hand, and if you are looking for endless choices, then Salut Wine Bar has 42 different wines to taste by the glass.

  • Watch a Theatre Together

If both of you love theatre plays, then Manchester has The Royal Exchange Theatre, The Lowry Theatre, The Opera House and some more for you to visit.

  • Ribble Steam Railway

Ribble Steam Railway looks exactly like the old steam engines you see in movies and will take you back in time along the river Ribble and its dock swing bridge. With a day ticket you can enjoy as many rides together and a visit to the railway museum.

  • Go indoor skydiving at Airkix Manchester


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Nothing can match the adrenaline of real skydiving, but nothing can match its risks either. So for the adventurous couples here, you can have the experience without the risk and at less cost at Airkix.

  • Go around Cocktail Tasting

What cocktail would you brave the cold for? ❄️

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If you want something more special to drink than what’s served in usual pubs, share a cocktail for two at Liquorice or Apotheca. The Alchemist serves a great blend called Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – don’t miss it.

  • A visit to the Generation Gallery

Near The Alchemist, the Generation Gallery has a great collection and is mainly worth visiting for the new artists they feature in every few months.

  • Take a Canal Cruise

Manchester is crisscrossed with canals, and the one linking it to Liverpool and the Irish Sea – the Manchester Ship Canal, offers a lovely trip on the Mersey Ferry.

  • Walk along the Castlefield
Image Courtesy- Rock My Shoes

Castlefield canal basin is dotted with romantic walkways and bridges to stop and have a moment with your soul mate. Do not miss the Roman fort.

  • Enjoy the Live Music
Matt Phreds
Source – Matt Phreds

There is nothing quite as romantic as enjoying live jazz music with your lover over food and drinks. Matt and Phred’s is one that deserves a visit.

  • Have a drink at Cloud 23
Source – Tripadvisor

Cloud 23 is a great place to have a typical romantic date with a view of the town from the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower.

  • Sunset at the Manchester House

From the 12th floor bar of the Manchester House, experience a spectacular sunset with your special one with a glass of whiskey or gin.

  • Have a Romantic Breakfast at Iberica

Start off the day in a great way by having churros and chocolate at Iberica – they serve a special, homemade recipe of chocolate that just feels right in taste and texture.

  • A visit to the Heaton Park

Take a leisurely stroll in the open expanse of Heaton, see the animals or go for boating – the beautiful countryside park has it all.

  • Enjoy art at Manchester Art Gallery

For the artistic minded, Manchester Art Gallery is a must visit. Take in all the pre-Raphaelite era paintings as well as of the early 19th-century romanticism.

  • Take a walk to see the Architecture
victorian architecture
Source- Geo Geograph

Manchester boasts of preserving the best of its Victorian architectures, and a walk around the town just to witness these looming majestic arcades is a treat in itself.

  • Try out quirky afternoon and evening dates

There are small places which you can visit for a fun off-time date. Sugar Junction offers a great afternoon tea while Fitzgerald will take you back to the 1920s for an evening bite.

  • Explore John Rylands Library

Though a library, it offers more than its vast collection of books. Get awed by its vivid architecture and then explore whatever event or exhibition is going on before dropping by at the Artisan for a quick meal.

  • Play Ping Pong Match

Twenty Twenty Two is a great place for some good music and a head to head ping pong match with your partner.

  • Take a masterclass together

There are bars and eateries around Manchester that offers courses in cooking and cocktail mixing like the Spice Club, the Botanist etcetera – try out one of them together.

  • Watch classic movies

At Hold Fast, you can catch up with the cult classics for free with your loved one and a tub of popcorn.

  • Go to the fair
Source – Manchester Evening News

Visit one of the fairs with Ferris wheels and sugar candies like the old days.

  • Go fine dining


Mix the right amount of finesse in your Manchester trip by throwing in a fine dining experience with candle lights and sophisticated drinks.

  • Whitworth Art Gallery

In Manchester, it always comes back to art At Whitworth, you and your partner will find a great combination of the 19th century as well as contemporary art to see and discuss.

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