Celebrating the Occasion of Manchester Christmas Markets

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Manchester Christmas Markets is a great event of the year 2017.

The event is flooded by people and visitors from all corners of the world. The countdown to Christmas has started in the city of Manchester and the festive markets are now open for locals and the tourists to enjoy.

The markets have started from the date of 10th November and they will remain open until December 20th.

The main market is held at the Albert Square and this is located just before the Manchester Town Hall. These are temporary wooden stalls and they would stay open for an extra day and the date will stretch until December 21st.

The Ice Rink will be back in the same place of the Cathedral Gardens and this is supposed to open on 4rth November.

However, the charm of the place can coincide with the stunning lights of the Albert Hall. The concept was launched in the year 1999 with just a single site at St. Ann’s Square.

However, the markets are growing every now and then and they are becoming the notable festive attractions that will surely attract innumerable visitors each year.

If you have the plan to join the crowd you should make a list of all the things you should know and plan your visit accordingly.

It is time to know the areas where the markets are held and what things are specially sold in the markets. There are ten specific sites where the Manchester Christmas Markets are held.

These are some of the most popular sites where the markets are established with the best of enthusiasm and triumph.

The first destination is The Albert Square. This is the great European market and the great market hub where several things are sold in the perfect order. There is even the market at St. Ann’s Square. This is the famous market selling the best of the German goods.

There is the market at The King Street. This is the superior French market selling specific goods of the French type.

The other places where the markets are held are Exchange Street, Exchange Square, New Cathedral Street, Market Street, Brazennose Street, The Corn Exchange and the Cathedral Gardens which is mainly the family-friendly region.

The market of the Albert Square will remain open from 10 am in the morning to 9 pm at night. The market remains open on daily basis in the month of December as this is the apt time to rejoice.

Cost of the Food and Drink

You even have the bar area and the food zones and these remain open till late at night.

There is the Ice Rink at Cathedral Gardens and the timing of the same is from 11 am to 9 pm every day.

This will remain open from November 4 and will close on 7th January. However, the market remains closed on the Christmas Day and the Boxing Day.

Prices: (A booking fee applies of £0.45 + 6% per ticket)

Adult: £10.00 + booking fee

Children: (age 4 to 16) £8.00 + booking fee – proof of age may be required

Anyone under 12 must be accompanied on the rink by someone over 18.

Family Ticket: £30.00 + booking fee

A family ticket admits 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children.

Tickets Available here: https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/therinkatcathedralgardens 

Budget and Fares

Most people wonder what would be the price of the foods and drinks at the place.

However, some say that things including food and the rest are overpriced. Once you visit the markets you will know. The visitors coming at the place should have a budget between £4 and £6.50 for buying the mulled wine and they may have to pay £4.50 to £5 for the pint of beer.

Sausages at the place will cost around £4 to £5 and there are more costs you need to know before visiting the market. The prices may vary from one stall to the other.

It is not the same in all places. The prices of things in the German market are different in case of the French market. This mainly happens in case of the common goods and items.

To be on the safer side you can avail for the complete price list from some of the main market locations. This way you can make a prior idea how to spend on things and save cash at the same time.

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Working on the Mug Scheme

There are bars on the market serving with hot drinks. Things are served at the place from the same mug. For the reason, you have to pay an amount of £2.50.

This is the amount you have to deposit at the time when buying the first drink. After the drink is finished you can return the mug to the bar so that you can ask for your money back.

You can even take the mug home just as a souvenir. The kinds of stuff are designed in a new way each year. In the year 2017, they are creating the new stackable mugs and these have the imprinted festive characters.

Image Source: Manchester Evening News


How to Reach to the Manchester Christmas Markets?

  • You can avail for the public transport in order to get to the venue. Once you are standing at the center of the city there are ten prime market locations you can visit. These destinations are within walking distance from each other. However, boarding a transport will help you reach the place just in time.
  • The prime train’s stations near to the markets are Albert Square, the Oxford Road, and Salford Central. These are within ten minutes walking distance from each other. Near at hand you even have the Deansgate and Victoria stations. It will take you only fifteen minutes to reach to the markets from the station area. If you want to know more you can pretty avail for the journey planner, route maps and timetables from National Rail.
  • If you want to reach to the area by bus you can beat the main Manchester bus stop of Shudehill Interchange. It is five minutes from the Albert Square and ten minutes from the Piccadilly Gardens. In case you want to have in hand the journey planner, route maps and timetables you can always refer Transport for Greater Manchester. Here you will also get to know how to reach the place by Metro link. The guide and the map will make you know about the closest metro stations to avail for.
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