There are tourists and there are travellers. Which one are you? (Infographic)

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Exploring and basking in the beauty of a foreign land is everybody’s escape plan from exhilarating routine life.

The location, the wonderful sceneries, the colourful celebrations, and the mind-blowing destinations are the things people crave for.

There comes the point before the trip, where you need to find your purpose of going to a different place.

You can realize it only then if you’re a tourist or traveller. The difference between the two determines the sole reason for the trip.

In order to know that, let us a take a deep look into certain characteristics that differentiate Tourists and Travellers:

there are tourist and there are travellers

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<img src=”” alt=”there are tourist and there are travellers” width=”1000″ height=”3143″ />

Trips should be fun-filled and quite adventurous.

There is no learning or gaining new experience if we pamper ourselves in our comfort zone.

Try to figure out, which of the above-mentioned features suit your personality.

Try to free yourself and enjoy the way of life.

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